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Grace Market Research was founded in the mid 1970s and since then has conducted hundreds of surveys, primarily for the Entertainment Industry. Our clients include movie and television studios/distributors, broadcast and cable networks, and other entertainment research companies. We conduct our surveys in theaters, online, in shopping malls, by telephone, in screening rooms, focus group facilities, and via intercepts in parks and open spaces. We provide a full range of research services from project strategy and design to data collection, data processing, and analytical reports.

Over the years, we have conducted movie exit polls, recruited audience studies, movie/TV commercial tests, movie/TV trailer tests, movie/TV program concept tests, positioning tests, print-ad tests and movie/TV consumer producte tests.

We hope you'll take some time to explore our website. We designed it to be informative and entertaining. There are links to Entertainment Company websites, capsule histories of Hollywood Studios, and Los Angeles' historic Broadway Theaters, a movie trivia section to tease your memory, and a photo gallery of people we encountered on the streets of Hollywood.
We'd also like to invite you to register for our CinemaSurveys movie panel. Members will be invited to participate in occasional Entertainment Industry surveys. Our surveys are for your amusement only. There is no compensation for completing them.
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