Test your savvy, partner, with our Western Movie Trivia Quiz. Hope you enjoy the quiz. Send us email if you would like to suggest questions for future quizzes.

1. "Always uses top grade hemp, Schmidt does. Oils it so it slides real good. Snap your neck like a dried out twig."
Goin' South
Hang 'Em High
One-Eyed Jacks

2. "Dear Lori, I take pencil in hand to let you know Ethan and me still are trying to catch up with them Comanches."
True Grit
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
The Searchers

3. What "What would you think about maybe asking us to stick around....You don't have to mean it or anything, just ask us to stick around."
Rio Bravo
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Blazing Saddles

4. "I'll give you odds. Caine's dead five minutes after Frank gets off the the train. That's all Frank'll need."
High Plains Drifter
High Noon
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean

5. "I was just a youngster fresh out of law school. I had taken Horace Greeley's advice literally - "Go West, Young Man, Go West and Seek Fame, Fortune, Adventure...""
How the West Was Won
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Ride the High Country
Jeremiah Johnson

6. "I've always wanted to see the frontier...before it's gone."
The Indian Fighter
The Ballad of Cable Hogue
Dances with Wolves

7. "Hey Garrett, are you my friend?"
Gunfight at the OK Corral
Young Guns
The Ballad of Cable Hogue
Billy the Kid

8. "The soldiers, they say you killed your own men. They say you're a hard and desperate man..."
Tom Horn
The Beguiled
The Horse Soldiers
The Outlaw Josey Wales

9. "You ain't gonna defend this broken down church against 7,000 battle-hard troops?"
The Alamo
The Magnificent Seven
The Wild Bunch
Red River

10. "Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges."
Pale Rider
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Destry Rides Again
Little Big Man