"Gotham" Internet Trailer Survey

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Questions with an asterisk (*) are required.

Before watching the trailer for "Gotham", please answer Questions 01 and 02.

*01. Have you ever heard of the new Fall Season Fox TV Show, "Gotham"?

02. If "YES", where did you get information about "Gotham"? (Check all that apply)
Twitter TV commercial Mobile Phone app
Facebook/social network Television story/review DVD/Blu-Ray Disk ad
Internet trailer on YouTube, Fandango, IMDB, other Newspaper A friend or relative
Internet story/review Magazine Official "Gotham" website

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*03. Based on the trailer, how interested are you in seeing "Gotham"?
Would make every effort to watch
Would more than likely watch
Would depend on what other shows are on at the same time
Would watch only if someone else wants to
Would definitely not watch

04. What do you think you would LIKE about "Gotham"?
05. What do you think you would DISLIKE about "Gotham"?

06. Check all words or phrases below that you feel describe "Gotham".
I would watch "Gotham" on a regular basis Boring Exciting
Not my type of program Has characters I'd like to know more about Ordinary
Predictable Good idea for a new show Entertaining
Different Fun to watch Suspenseful
Has good action Intriguing Didn't make a strong impression

07. Check each item below that makes you want to see "Gotham".
It's about the origins of the Batman characters Young Bruce Wayne, later to become Batman Young Jim Gordon, later to become Commissioner Gordon
The young villains The comic books The movies/TV shows
The suspense The special effects The action
The Gotham City setting The title, "Gotham" The visual style


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