THE GRIFFITH PARK PLANNING TASK FORCE IS DEDICATED TO PRESERVING THE WILDERNESS NATURE OF THIS PRECIOUS ASSET. Please join us in our efforts to save Griffith Park from the threat of over-development!

The Griffith Park Planning Task Force develops the Sierra Club vision for the future of Griffith Park and works to cause this vision to be adopted as public policy.

Works to preserve the urban wilderness identity of Griffith Park, to restore its natural resources, and to enhance the park's natural qualities.

Works with other organizations to form a strong union to educate and mobilize the public in an effort to influence political opinion and public policy to preserve this priceless resource.

The Task Force supports the continuing public process and encourages democratic citizen participation in developing the Griffith Park Master Plan and other plans for Griffith Park.

Co-Chairs are Joe Young and Delphine Trowbridge

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Attending Task Force meetings Attending/speaking at community meetings Addressing/mailing brochures
Attending/speaking at LA City Council meetings Distributing Task Force brochures Conducting wildlife surveys in Griffith Park
Writing letters to newspapers Writing letters to City Councilmen Attending Griffith Park Master Plan Working Group meetings
Writing articles for Sierra Club publications Organizing outreach meetings to other organizations Making signs/posters
Distributing/collecting the Griffith Park Wilderness Petition Other interests
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