Griffith Park Master Plan Working Group Members

Name and Affiliation


1. Louis Alvarado: Honorary Mayor of Griffith Park and Sierra Club Griffith Park Chairperson
2. Richard Bogy: Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council
3. Lynn Brown: Equestrian Community
4. Clare Darden: Griffith Family Trust
5. Jeff Gardner: Atwater Village Neighborhood Council
6. George Grace: Franklin Hills Residents Association
7. Gerry Hans: The Oaks Homeowners Association
8. Craig Kessler: The Golfing Community
9. Bernadette Soter: The Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council
10. Susan Swan: Hollywood United Neighborhood Council
11. Jose Sigala: Consultant to 56th District Assemblyman Rudy Bernudez
12. Valerie Vanaman: Los Feliz Improvement Association


1. Jim Gilbert for Craig Kessler
2. Lucinda Phillips for Susan Swan
3. Dr. Rosemarie White for George Grace

Council Office/Staff Support

1. Susan Arii: Department of Recreation and Parks
2. Rory Fitzpatrick: Council office
3. Vicki Israel: Department of Recreation and Parks
4. Patricia Malone: Council office
5. Mark Mariscal: Department of Recreation and Parks
6. Kevin Regan: Department of Recreation and Parks - Group facilitator